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moDel has an extensive list of useful features that help to set it apart from the crowd.

The app has been designed with usability in mind, putting ease of use and user convenience first. The app features accurate and complete data collection, all of which is secured via a personal PIN code.

moDel also features dual deliverer and recipient confirmation, meaning you stay completely up to date at all times.

The app is designed to give you total control over the jobs you’re undertaking. To this end, moDel allows you to assign jobs to specific drivers, as well as maintain driver and client frequently used pick-up and drop locations.

These details can all be emailed straight to the drivers – everything has been developed to ensure a streamlined process.

And of course, it’s paper-free. You’ll see an increased business performance, and better, more secure delivery of contractual terms will lead to a reduction of potential commercial risk.

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Key Features

  • Accurate and complete data collection
  • Dual party deliverer/recipient confirmation
  • Auto camera activation when logging defects
    Rapid dissemination of delivery information
  • Increased business performance
  • Better delivery of contractual terms leading to a reduction of associated commercial risk
  • Manage and maintain user, driver, client and frequently used pick up / drop location databases
  • Assignment of jobs to drivers and communication and expenses capture
  • Reporting
  • Data access secured via moDel Pin codes
  • Easy and simple to use
  • Improves customer handover experience – professional and formalised
  • Removes issues with form receipt delay, form loss and transcription errors
  • Real-time upload of documentation


moDel is designed to be compatible with the Android operating system version 4.0 or more and works on any Android device with a screen size of 5 inches or more.