Artificial Intelligence for Automotive

Our mission is to take advantage of new technologies in robotics, AI and automation to respond to changing market needs and improve customer experience.

Challenges facing the automotive sector

As experts in the automotive sector, we have naturally started by considering whether we can enhance the automotive sales process.

The used car sales process, in particular, has changed due to the internet and the dealer sales role is evolving as a result.

Car buyers spend time researching their purchase options online before approaching a dealership and are more knowledgeable about their requirements and options.

How the Innovation process works


Generate and
validate ideas

Pursue ideas with
greatest potential



Build products with the greatest
value to the automotive community

Accurate vehicle representation

These digitally-savvy used vehicle customers also make decisions based on the quality and accuracy of the vehicle images they access on a dealer’s website or online sales platform.

Third-party sales platforms are increasingly demanding too. It is now usual for sites to require 40+ images, which need to be produced consistently in their required format.

Used vehicle images must, at the very least, be professional, accurate and fit each sales platform’s increasingly demanding requirements. To stand out against competitors, high quality, accurate video sells.

Image capture innovation

The challenge for used vehicle sales directors and remarketing directors is how to speedily create and upload the right images, first time, in order to place vehicles quickly on sale and free up sales teams to focus on providing excellent omnichannel customer service.

Our first product to market, RALPH™, is designed to address the gap in the consistency and, often, quality of image capture initially focusing on the used vehicle market and supports the existing digital marketing process.

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