Artificial Intelligence for Automotive

Driving efficiency through innovative applications within the automotive world.


Ebbon Group is an industry leader in developing automotive software platforms.

In 2020, Ebbon Group acquired the perpetual world-wide rights of an imaging and A.I. platform for the automotive sector.  Originally developed by an Oxford University spin off company to support the medical industry with accurate, consistent and time efficient image processing, we are now developing this technology to serve the automotive industry.

Ebbon Intelligence is a business established specifically to focus on this future tech, including practical uses of A.I. to develop new products and licence innovative technologies to existing Ebbon Group businesses.

How the Innovation process works


Generate and
validate ideas

Pursue ideas with
greatest potential



Build products with the greatest
value to the automotive community


Ebbon Intelligence wanted to solve the problem of capturing and processing vehicle images in an accurate, consistent and time efficient way.

We believe that our first product to market does just that!

We plan to be ready for launch at the end of 2023 with a significant investment and ground-breaking product aimed initially at automotive manufacturers and large retail groups. This will be followed up by additional application extensions for the leasing and rental sectors.

Get in touch

The Ebbon Intelligence team are actively interested in talking with customers and prospects to identify problems that our A.I. technology and expertise may help to solve within our industry.

If there is a clear problem and a sensible market for it to become a product, then we would like to explore it with you.