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Will I need an electronic device to run moDel on?

Yes, the easy to use moDel application works on both smartphones and tablets, allowing for a more professional handover experience.

Will moDel integrate with our own existing platforms?

Yes, we have integrations in place for existing clients enabling them to send handover records directly into the moDel-VM portal, all driving key business efficiencies.

How do my customers and I get receipt of handover documentation?

moDel immediately sends all parties concerned copies of a completed PDF document for all your vehicle handovers, saving both time and money.

Does moDel have any back office capability?

Yes, the moDel-VM portal is a web based office application that offers companies a full back office solution from which to manage your movement handovers.

If I use moDel can I stop using my existing paper handover forms?

Yes moDel is an electronic web based platform and has been specifically designed to replace out of date paper documentation.

How many customers already use the solution?

We have hundreds of clients using the moDel solution across many different segments culminating in tens of thousands of moDel handovers per month and increasing month on month!

Can I use moDel for all my vehicle handovers?

Yes, moDel is fully integrated with the Leaselink platform but the moDel-VM platform enables you to create your own moDel handovers and manage all your handovers  in one easy to locations. moDel can handle any vehicle handover type, from collection and delivery to showroom handovers across fleet, rental and retail.