Welcome to Ebbon Life

We understand the responsibility of our environmental impact begins and ends with us.

At Ebbon Group, sustainability is at the heart of our company
purpose and as such is built into our strategic and business

Ebbon Life is the Group’s collective focus on environmental, social
and governance commitments relating to our clients, colleagues,
suppliers and shareholders.

We have a dedicated team who are
focused on building and implementing a framework to help us
deliver tangible results – because it is simply not enough to have
good intentions; we have to take positive action.

We have allocated Ebbon Life Champions across our offices, who will be working to achieve the following:

  • Reduce carbon footprints to mitigate climate change,
  • Improve staff policies and procedures,
  • Engage in charitable giving and volunteer efforts within the community,
  • Change corporate policies to benefit the environment,
  • Make socially and environmentally conscious investments.

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What we do?

Our Ebbon Life Champions help to organise and run events across all of our businesses, raising funds and awareness for several charities. Our Group charities for 2024 are Cancer Research UK and The Teenage Cancer Trust.

We support the local communities by sponsoring local teams and encourage our staff to use their volunteering allowance to make a difference. All of our staff have access to a health care plan by BHSF, which provides 24/7 access to a GP and counselling service, as well as subsidising the cost of private health care.

Making a difference


The Ebbon Group offices have electric vehicle charging points and all our offices are working with Auditel to reduce their carbon footprint, with the target of becoming carbon neutral across the Group.


All staff will receive their birthday off work and can volunteer during their working hours too. Employees can access health insurance, exclusive offers and discounts.


Ebbon Group helps the local community where possible, by sponsoring local sports teams, donating to charities and supporting individual employees.


Ebbon Group has comprehensive modern slavery and diversity and inclusion policies, as well as a global disaster response framework.

Business Ethics

We understand the importance of confidentiality and conflict of interests for our suppliers and partners. Our staff undertake anti-bribery and corruption training and we have policies in place too.


We set targets and review them, to help us achieve our social, economic and governance related goals. Within the Group we measure and report on OKRS to ensure continual growth and development.