Meet the Team

Our growing team consists of experts across the UK and Europe. Check back to see which staff members are featured next month!

Keith Allen

Licence Check MD

Keith joined Licence Check as MD and is responsible for strategy, sales and day to day management of the business. He’s worked in the leasing and fleet management sector for 26 years and has a wealth of knowledge on the subject. Outside of work he enjoys playing golf, supporting Manchester City and Bath Rugby.

Yvette Giannini

DriverCheck MD

Yvette, a highly experienced and organised professional, joined DriverCheck in June 2021 and heads up the day-to-day operations. When not supporting clients and DriverCheck’s busy office, Yvette is running about after 2 young children who have much better social lives than she does.

Steve Larkin

Ebbon Intelligence MD

Steve has amassed a wealth of software development and delivery experience having worked with the company’s software systems in various roles over the past 20 years. He is passionate about learning and enjoys assisting people on their journey to realising their potential. Steve has an almost unlimited ability to ask the question “why?”

Justine Hawkins

Ebbon Automotive MD

Justine joined the company in 2012 and her responsibilities are to provide guidance and manage the success of the UK & European strategy. She has worked within the automotive industry for over 25 years, with 3 of those years spent living and working in Germany. She loves to travel to sunny, beachside destinations with her family.

James Povah

Senior Product Manager

James is our top-notch developer and is responsible for product innovation and sustainability. There is nothing he doesn’t know about DAVIS and everything else it would seem – he is a long-standing champion of our annual Christmas quiz. He was once under 18 county tennis champion and under 14 country chess champion.

Katy Holding

Group Head of Marketing

Katy has been with the company for over seven years and was responsible for transforming the DAVIS brand. Following a long career in beauty marketing, she made the transition to software and has never looked back. Katy is also a qualified yoga teacher and enjoys bringing mindfulness and balance into everyday life.

Terry Hiles

Senior Consultant

Terry is our in-house expert for all things commercial, legal and knows our systems inside out. Terry deals with tenders and legislation and is the author of our Compliance Handbook. Terry can always be relied upon to share sweet treats with the office.

Kevin Stopps

Group Financial Controller

Kevin joined Ebbon in 2003 and is responsible for the company finances. He previously worked in automotive finance where he developed a keen interest in finance and accounting IT systems, so is always on the lookout for accounting processes that could benefit from automation. He lives in Oxfordshire with his wife and two children and enjoys riding his bike to keep fit.

Michael Terry

Head of Commercial Logistics

Michael has over 17 years experience of working within the automotive industry and is responsible for all commercial activity relating to our moDel product. Outside of work he likes to spend time with family and friends, riding his mountain bike and coaching his sons local football team.

Rachel Purdie

Account Manager

With a Leasing and Dealer background, Rachel is our Partnerships Account Manager, providing support and training to our customers. In her spare time she is a keen orchestral violinist and enjoys walking with her dogs.

Christina Telford

Financial Controller

Christina works continuously to ensure client invoices are issued, paid and that monthly management accounts are produced in a timely manner. When Christina switches off from DriverCheck life, she spends her time cooking and baking for family and friends.

Rick Wilson

Corporate Sales Manager

Rick, our Corporate Sales Manager, is primarily responsible for strategic sales development. Outside of the office, Rick is a Villa fan and when not ferrying the kids around enjoys the odd craft beer from time to time.

Ebbon Logo

Craig Gibbin

Joint CEO of Ebbon Group

Craig is joint CEO of the Ebbon Group. He joined Ebbon shortly after the company was founded and has since focused on the growth of the business in the UK and European markets, along with regularly helping with his broad automotive knowledge for the long standing group shareholders. Prior to joining Ebbon, Craig worked in various roles in automotive retail starting as a graduate trainee, leading ultimately to the role of Group Marketing & Franchise Director. Craig is married and lives in Oxfordshire where he spends a significant amount of his time running and participating in marathons, as well as self-inflicting extreme pain on himself in his pursuit of ultramarathon competitions.

Rob Pilkington

Joint CEO of Ebbon Group

Rob is joint CEO of the Ebbon Group. His primary focus is on longer-term innovation and opportunities to cohesively grow the group, while ensuring common team values. He was a founder of the original Ebbon business and has learnt from a broad range of commercial and technological initiatives over his career. Originally a Computer Scientist, he joined an automotive graduate training programme in 1995, leading him into the sector. Rob is married to Gayle and when not walking their Romanian rescue dog Poppy. He also enjoys a trip to the gym and indulging his interests through self study, particularly Quantum Mechanics/Computing and Reinforcement Learning (A.I.)